The Argument Against Clean Energy

This is one of my favorite images. It perfectly sums up the argument we have for combating climate change and environmentally harmful practices. Regardless of whether someone believes in global warming or not, or whether they claim they “don’t care” about the environment, creating a green future will benefit everyone – even those who want to fight it. So what are they fighting?


Solar employs more people in electricity generation in the U.S. than oil, gas, and coal combined. Clean energy, such as solar and wind power, are consistently beating out dirty sources of energy in the number of people employed.

Solar energy employment

Lower Prices

I would love to completely ignore the fiscal returns of clean energy and hope that everyone would want to support a green future simply for moral and ethical reasons. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way the world runs. Luckily, however, the benefits of clean energy has far-reaching impacts on our wallets.

If you didn’t know, clean energy is cheap and getting cheaper by the year! After the initial high costs, (let’s call it an investment) you actually end up making money in the long-term. That’s right, clean energy is so abundant that governments, companies, and individuals MAKE MONEY by using the renewable energy to power their electricity when they make more than they use… which is quite often. Also, not having to rely on oil prices and OPEC regulations is a big plus.

But hey, we don’t want to rush into this “clean energy” thing just because we might make some money. We also will benefit all life on Earth, so let’s not be hasty.

Clean Air and Water

Does this one need further explanations? Let’s see… I’ll say this slowly. Coal and oil pollute the Earth. They pollute our water – killing the fish we eat and the water we drink – they pollute our air, which we use to breathe, and they emit chemicals which kill us. Don’t see a big line of people rushing to work in a coal mine and die of cancer? Don’t you love seeing oil riggers covered in that clean and healthy sludge? Or what about all of those oil spills? Those sure are fun, aren’t they? If only there was a cheaper alternative which was also more beneficial in every way…

Literally Everything

Here’s the thing. There isn’t an argument for continuing to use coal, oil, and gas for our electricity generation when solar and wind are so much more effective, more environmentally beneficial, employ more people, and save everyone money…. unless of course you’re a business executive FOR an oil, gas, or coal company… Looking around I think there aren’t too many of us that fall into that category. The facts are simple. Fighting for a Green Future IS NOT POLITICAL. It helps everyone and everything. Now let’s get behind this!

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